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Suzanne Upton

Suzanne with Kale

For years, I’ve worked and built my homestead to be comfortable, efficient, and abundant. From gardening and preserving my own foods, to making soaps and cleansers, to raising chickens and goats, ensuring a clean water source, to self sufficiency while staying within the budget. Over time, I realized there were a few things here or there that made life easier on a simple homestead. So, I’ve brought a collection of my favorite things together to share with friends, in hopes that your homestead life will made simpler, easier and more comfortable too.

Homesteading life doesn’t have to be hard, and with the right tools and tips, we can all reach our homesteading goals together. Please enjoy the recipes, tips, tricks, hints and a little helping hand now and then, as you and wander through the website.  I hope you find the perfect products to help make life simpler, more frugal, and more enjoyable!

~ Suzanne