Fermentation 02-22-2017-6pm


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Fermenting for Health and Flavor

Fermenting is the age-old way of preserving fresh food.  Plus, fermented foods are healthy and full of probiotics! Learn the health benefits and flavor of making tangy krauts, spicy kimchi, delicious fresh yogurt, and flavorful kombuchas.

The hands-on class demonstration will focus on ‘lactofermentation’, which is essentially the fermentation of vegetables using only fresh vegetables, fine mineral salt, and water.  Class participants will sample a variety of ferments and will take home a jar of fresh kraut made in the class.  As a bonus, each student will receive a Ferment2Table Fermenting Kit to continue making delicious ferments at home!

Cost:  $45
Duration:  2-2.5 hours, student participation in hands-on food prep.
15 students


Tues Feb 22nd 6pm



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